Usually clochard days

Hello everybody!
Sorry it took me so long to update the blog was delayed, perhaps I should be honest, that is especially nothing to say, it seemed to me that all that can be said has already been said, but there is always a pinch of salt which may give useful information. I should also say that the last two weeks have been very rainy and my spirits fell a little and did not have writings, summer is almost behind left, but now again the Indian summer has returned, again shorts and T-shirt. And finally opened my favorite Caritas, where the calm, though almost 2 hours take this action, but it has become easier to get, later I will give a detailed photo and address on Google MAPS, because you never know maybe for someone it may come in handy this.

Having dealt with a cat jumping on our roof and continually spoil her. To do this I had to wrap around the perimeter of a special net with small holes, that cat could not walk or climb, but … there was another big problem … it is fucking ants … Since the beginning of the rains, they probably began to look for a rooming house for the winter and just parapet passing through the house served as a good house for them, as soon as I move the blanket as there have got a billion ants, I had no special means, I used Balon remaining paint and slippers, and so I drove all the, ah yes, I forgot to say that I have used garlic, crumbled it and I began to hammer them all the cracks, because I remember that they do not like him and it seemed to help so far. To do this I had to wrap around the perimeter of a special net with small holes, that cat could not walk or climb, but … there was another big problem … it is fucking ants … Since the beginning of the rains, they probably began to look for a rooming house for the winter and just parapet passing through the house served as a good house for them, as soon as I move the blanket as there have got a billion ants, I had no special means, I used Balon remaining paint and slippers, and so I drove all the, ah yes, I forgot to say that I have used garlic, crumbled it and I began to hammer them all the cracks, because I remember that they do not like him and it seemed to help so far. No job, and generally do not have a cent in my pocket now.

again, I think about how to move to Paris, where as I said earlier, quietly I can forget about work and devote themselves purely and nurturing, Italy cool country, but to rise in the development of more complex it seems to me, Paris – France is much more developed than Italy and the people there are not as clever as I intuitively and memory. At the moment, I try to learn English and also French, too, can not be without the right to live. And another thing, to have some money in the pocket, I’m going to grab the AssetStore on Unity and Marketplace on UE4, I want to create something which small Asset and that what is 100 euros per month fell into my pocket. The truth is not just that it is seems because the store is already crowded with all sorts of rubbish, have to do something original.

Actually sometimes after what that brief meditation, I visited an interesting thought that I would like to write here, but then I just forget them, and as a result there is always understanding within me that all is not so important, writings here, learning, stories and chewing snot, but we will not dive deeply into philosophy, it’s enough.

All as always wish peace and good, be wise and take care of yourself.



P.S. ah, i forget put my small wip, it’s kind of lunar track or antimissile system

radiactive collctor

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The summer almost gone or how is important understand what you want in life

Hi again!


Summer is slowly retreating, as you can see in the photo, my shower seat is wet and covered with leaves, the towel no longer has time to dry by the next evening, this is bad, I am glad that the school returns to normal and inspired by it. And already the coming cool nights give impetus to a speedy deliverance from the bondage tramp.

Then so do not be like those people at the bus stop…(as you can see in the photo below)You just look at them, 80 percent of people standing at the stop, standing with an unhappy expression, not a drop of inspiration and joy.

Unfortunately not everyone can understand what he wanted to do, it is in most cases the parents fault, who could not give into the hands of the card, a lot of cards, so that the child could choose and now we see the result, which we see at this stop, it is a vicious circle and it seems to me, only a few get out of life, “a real pleasure” and satisfaction. Therefore it is very important to understand this as soon as possible and not give this tumor evolve further. And then be sure to tell it to the masses, but for some reason it seems to me that it’s a little late, humanity seems doomed. Seeing how people are chasing the latest model Samsung = iPhone and other Pontus, they are not interested in the inner world, and just a shell, the main thing that this beautiful jacket shining. Well not talk about sad things, yet there is a percentage of people which does not behave like a fly)) In Italy a great country, warm and tasty)) but people(at least the Romans) do not respect themselves and they deserve what they have now. Is traffic terrible, no respect on the road and not just very short-tempered and not patient to each other, ready to cut the throat of each other for a little mistake, and it is again wound the thought of moving to live with “normal” people who value and respect themselves, and not just throw dust in the eyes, first and foremost, they are fooling themselves.

I think if you dig deeper, it is what the Latin genes involved, is closer to Northern Italy and in France, Germany there is no such relationship to each other. So on that cheerful note, I think it’s time to part with you my dear, appreciate yourself and your loved ones, your precious time and nerves and know how lucky you are to not live in Italy or not only in Russia))

appreciate yourself
appreciate yourself













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Next Level or finally august is finish


Hi all!

Ufff, the only thing that remains to say is…I was able to survive the most horrible month in Italy this month and August. When almost a month, closed all the social centers, when you need a place to sit and charge the phone(excluding McDonald’s of course), and these 2-3 week stretch is sooo long and tedious. And today I open my favorite library, a crowd of students just broke into it. I have the feeling that the students were looking forward to the opening of the library, I think they just don’t stay at home, or kicked out, or they have no air conditioning at home, or they are just bored at home. But a lot of people come to the library very much. Maybe in September I’ll get a job, temporary work, transportation of furniture, was promised 50 euros per day if this part will be once a week, it would be perfect for me. I almost grew up in the 3D world, I feel healthy chick, but still very much to learn, doing only modelling is not to get rid, of texturing also an important stage in the development.

Very well rescued fruity garbage that fed me all this time. A week appears “normal” Caritas, and then I will again begin to gain weight. This month I’m decently thin, and skinny as a cane, and then even thinner))
All the people who lives on the street, became noticeably more aggressive and impatient toward our brethren. As if no one ever starved a few days, I know for myself that during a long famine, you have nothing fun and all my thoughts only about how to quickly fill the stomach some food, but few are aware of and can control their emotions and feelings, especially the homeless, so it is very easy to get a knife in the side. Should less time talking and joking during such periods with that person.

Well, I myself set the goal and direction before Christmas to get out of this pit and start to live as “normal” people drink in the evenings right wine, to the Norwegian Smoking tobacco through a pipe. Allow yourself to live the rest of life as a white man, to be engaged in yoga in the morning, going to the movies and do not think there is not stolen my tent, I want to please themselves and others.

This is probably okay, time to leave this place and do my usual homeless rituals, tomorrow is a new day.


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Blender with Substance Painter = Love

HI Perls!

So finally, that it happened, the project did for almost a week, it is very simple in fact, geometry, simple UV scan and texturing in substance painter and then I realised how powerful this program is just the bomb in one word. It has a huge number of settings, and you can create a truly realistic images.

3D stuff

For now I have to dive deeper into modeling, and the glory of the universe, that the new version of the Substance works fine on my old MacBook.
that was all, so luck to all and patience.

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I’m not like a vagabond or church create another separation..argghhh

Hey perls!

Long I wanted to share my thoughts on the so-called Christian charity in Italy, especially in Rome. And it all started with the fact that this week in the Vatican Caritas workers first took us for tourists, and not want to let the inside of the shower and to the hairdresser, I had to show my Carits pass. That is, if you already look a little cleaner than the usual homeless, shaven cheeks, and clean clothes, the attitude towards you changed …. and not for the better, seems strange eh. i.e., if you’re in the shower clean and tidy and you have no money for food, then you are doomed to starvation or digging in the trash, while for those who spoil the view of Rome his appearance, behavior, litter, this is the norm ? People who only think where to find a couple of euros for the wine package and drink to oblivion. This course can be taken as a compliment that”@I am not like the vagabond”, but still left a bad mark in the soul. So, the very principle of the church is broken, “but asking for it shall be given” … or will not, if it is clean and tidy? ie a separation and discrimination, yeah again the damn discrimination. Generally is a different and long topic of conversation, religion theme, I at one time are lots and lots versed in these heaps of history and I think that many of my readers do not really like my opinion about religion in general, no matter what it is, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and others, all one problem.fucking religions separation

So friends, if someone will go in my footsteps, so keep that in mind, appearance plays a role, even when you’re a homeless tramp. Well, by tradition to say that such incidents give more fuse and energy on self-development, and as soon as possible to get rid of such problems.

A world where man dropped his hands and does not want to climb up, in fact everyone has the opportunity, but few people know about it, and very few people take advantage of it in the end. I wish you all a great mood and hot fuse in these last hot days of summer.



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Life on the streets of Rome in August is not the comme il faut.


poor boy in the rome

August dead and rotten month for homelessness in Rome and I have heard it all over Europe such crap. As I wrote earlier, all Bagged closed, what are the small ones. And we have to look to dodge on churches and ask what that sandwich. With my hemorrhoids so this is a nightmare for me. Because in my diet fruit almost disappeared, but I tramp the old school, I remember how my best friend, about 10 years ago, we also roughly in August, began to explore the trash near the shops and not bad so fed themselves. And now I had to assign a few minutes of shame and embarrassment of thought, but once in 2 supermarkets found huge reserves of fruit, little damaged, and life became a little bit sweeter))

Once all of the libraries are closed, or have to sit in McDonald’s or Burger King, the glory of the universe from there we no kicks. Well, this is probably enough chatter, all the good summer days and up to the meeting.


Life on the Street hardens the character.

Zingari vs italiane

Shit happens eh. Yesterday was a little blamestorming or bodystorming. Flight Gypsies and Hungarians. More specifically dealt last is not very pleasant events that unfortunately occurred through the fault of the Gypsies, who “tried” to take (steal) Materials my neighbor Hungary man, which allegedly happened by mistake. But the error is repeated many times, sooner or later, bring himself to correct here yesterday and had a culminating moment, and perhaps not the culmination, because Hungarian in the morning as I understood a damn thing has not calmed down. Ie he was drunk (yesterday evening), was a bold and decided to go to them and find out for a man, and asked me to be there, so we never know what can happen, so I was a such a justice of the peace, which in time may stop the match. We came to the territory of the Gypsies, the house was only a wife, her man, was not,  a Hungarian immediately began a fierce attack, the words fortunately, a gypsy at first tried to speak calmly, then sees that he does not calm down, and also began to raise his voice, I began to stand between them and slightly repel each other. Then already I feel that it is time to leave, pulls them apart, the Hungarians created the illusion that he wanted to hit her, and delayed it and she (gypsy) course really believe what was happening, and then we’re going to get out from this place and coming her husband with a friend. I had to warn him that the Hungarian drunk and may be inadequate, who knows how can react gypsy. Here, the same scenario, the Hungarian attacks them, I try to pull them apart, then I see the Gypsies grabs a claw hammer and swings in Hungary man, which of course further heats the situation, I have an inhuman voice yelling at everyone to calm down and slowly we leave. Downstairs, Hungarian, so much fun said: “A good performance we had,” … Yeah… fucking performance that could end the massacre and calling the police, which does not want to. In general, gypsies are scared, I could clearly see with my own eyes, after returning home, I secretly went separately to him, to look at them, nor their reaction, I get as an ambassador in this situation. They perceive me as some good person, though her husband has helped us to build a hut, I even offered them money as payment for work done. In general, I’m on good terms with them, and many have to be at the level of life on the street, it makes you to be pragmatic, or if you show off what you can easily get in the face or a knife in the ribs. So this way things happen with homeless drone.

In general, it is necessary to look for a new place to live, at least near it I need time. Because next week I might get in the job…aha aha yes my dear, I went to a meeting with the son of his grandfather, he was to be discharged from hospital soon, and they need to take me on trial. 800 euros per month, plus food + free accommodation + Wi fi has a home, sounds good, yes, but fuck  without weekends, yeah, the real prison is, but that’s what I’ll write later and in a different time, a kind of manual for future nurses for the elderly )))

Well, this is probably enough chatter, because already half day spent to “paint” in my blog.

What happened yesterday is very motivated to self-development and early departure from the world of vagrants in the world of “normal”.

Everyone peace and goodness.

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Every day I feel stronger in the Blender


Perhaps this is due to the fact that I first studied Maya, then modo and 3D koat, and then I had an Epiphany of how everything is easier in blender, especially compared to Maya. Yes I am aware that almost no Studio doesn’t use blender, but I don’t even dream to get one of them, and because I’m a sociopath and the life of a loner, like a freelancer, this free and powerful product is right to the point. 

Yesterday when he got home, found out from a neighbor the bad news that on the morning of our Gypsy “friends neighbors” the police came and announced the demolition of all buildings, the news is certainly not the most pleasant, and no lack of sorrow in my life’s journey, and here also it. In General, collect the tent and hide it in a safe place, if Barack will carry, the tent will be like an emergency exitAnd this of course again gave impetus to even more self evolution to quickly escape from this lifestyle, from all these unnecessary problems. Demolition is promised for Wednesday, but hopefully that will not affect us, because our territory is further away from the public and we are not so noisy as the Roma. So good luck to us! And God bless Blender

i love blender 3d












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I’m in love with universe or with blender

Hi friends!


It must be said that summer is in full swing again, came back African heat, again unconsciously looking for a place with shadow, where to hide from the sun. Most recently it has been pretty cold week that even had to dress warmer at night, so as not to freeze to death in the morning. Meals OK, the coffee is also returned to normal. I do not remember whether I informed you or not, but I had to sell a surface tablet and bail of 200 euros. Life is getting better word))

I’m beginning to return to normal with my mangled psyche. Yeah, she is – meditation does its job. As you know this is my idol Karl Renz as well as everything related to Advaita. Now also I read the book “Rewire Your Brain Think Better” of  John Arden Where has the language of science is described neurochemistry that happens during meditation, such things are scientifically proven very inspiring and clean the whole mystique of the East, where religion has powerless and not as scary as before. In general, I recommend this book, and of course my dear meditate, just 20 minute a day. It’s nice on a spiritual level, you all smooth and clean, when you  stop to press the cross or karma, it does not mean that you have a free hand for the bad deeds, meditation sobering and you intentionally and unintentionally will avoid evil deeds.

I have to sleep in a tent bro, because in the barracks to sleep all together not really, in this heat, just not enough oxygen and fall asleep and wake up wet, too wet. Eating began again at Circo Massimo, because in that nursing home too much competition, as I wrote earlier, it issued a total of 20 packets, and there comes more than 20 people and is staying hungry. There is also near to the library there is little market of fruit, just after the close of the evening, where i can look for something in the tank and found almost kilogram of edible fruit,yes it’s a shame, but what to do.

And now once again a nice news to me. I love mine …. I’m in love with Blender. Yes, I know that I am by nature a very sensitive and easy to fall in love. Since I was in his arms(maybe i’m gay), I became more attached to him, I say today that I am not guru in a blender, but as a beginner I do not see much difference between the blender and Modo. On the contrary it seems to me blender is much easier to use and the interface is not so overloaded in Modo. In general, I will soon show you some of what made it work, of course, they still look childish, but the hand would remember, and the brain to remember.

Here below is some of what the photo, breakfast, cookies with jam and some coffee, then my small chair where I sit and write you my emails or watch lessons or just meditate, helps repel mosquitoes lighted spiral, but flies still tormented me. And another photo, this shower accessories shower itself, in principle, a number, did not want to be inserted into the frame, as it is necessary to change something for the more watchable, maybe next time.

Well, in this scribbling enough, it’s time to get together and go out for pizza, today we have a pizza and tomorrow Caritas again, a little tired this prison-monastic mode, but I try to get out of it.


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karma is just escape from reality

Hi Perls!


Came the next time replenishment of my diary, it is difficult indeed to blog when the information does not draw from when it feels stable and is not really content. But everything has changed now, more precisely 20 minutes ago. I drank a glass of white table wine, ate delicious tortellini with Mexican sauce, and again drank wine, aside quietly plays Italian sweet radio the RTR – Italia, the old Italian music and felt such ecstasy and peace, of course, this is the effect of alcohol, but the evening cool which finally came. All July fries like in a Russian sauna, in the afternoon at +35 +38 degrees, the city is heating up as steel and melts the brain and overall health. Now all type-top.
The city is silent, thank the universe lost to Italy in the championship, otherwise noise would stand every evening.  Today made a laundry and did something which important strategic purchase, such as a powder from the ants, which are really began to get fed up. You think how he got there money? Aha, we have sold ours older tablet surface pro, as much as 200 euros for it received, it was the first tablet on which my friend tried that or sculpt in Zbrush, but then he bought a normal laptop, as long as he had the money, the machine, in principle, not bad, but not very convenient from the point of view of hot keys, very uncomfortable at the same time led the stylus on the screen and press the hot key, is not very useful in this regard Ipad Pro thing because UI programs therefor, specially sharpened for working without a keyboard. But Ipad I want to buy in the future, very much I liked Procreate, we can say on a par with Photoshop. Well, just sold surface pro and cut down some money. Could normally wash things, because in this heat you sweat every day and things have to be changed frequently. Actually i  can certainly buy a large bowl, and to do everything by hand, but the water will have to carry a lot. In general, it is such good news.

And now for the weather in the 3D world.

Nevertheless, I decided to stay in Modo and simultaneously learn Blender (more to sculpt), so I can do  some sculpt for characters and modeled hard surface. Who took almost half of the course Honourable Vaughan Ling, where he simulates a truck and then doing the animation, I have reached the animation looked dumb i’m coming and decided to leave, because it is not importamt for now, modeling a thing to learn, and the rest later. There is an idea to model military complex Euro Pro, which is in Romania,

Евро Про
Euro Pro Romania












I really like the look of it, how it is made, it is literally part of the ship was transferred to the land and work yourself, here it and want to create. In fact, the shape is very simple, I want to make the evening lighting and background, even a night probably, in general I have a lot of ideas is associated with the military-industrial complex, which is interesting rare pieces simulate hunting.

And now lifetime.

Many social centers are closed for the summer, as God says God, but always want to have a rest. Therefore, they have very little and there are a couple that has to feed. The audience there is the desperate gathered, mostly Romanians and Moldavian mostly just parasites, alcoholics, and just losers who throw up their hands. Of course they are angry at the fate that with them so badly received fate, but I’m still a supporter of that karma is just an attempt to escape from reality, as is the case with God, just stupid excuse easily and without a doubt. Being close is not the most pleasant to them)) but there is a strong motivation for most to get rid of all this that gives strength. Yes, where we eat now, it’s kind of a private nursing home, where at 13:00 one person give us 20  packages, which can be pasta with meat, bread or rice, plain rice, Karl, but better than nothing, there are days when they give very tasty, thanks to them, and on this one. In general, our favorite Bagged due to open in September, where we ate almost the entire winter, there is calmer, though not the best food, but still, you sit with a more or less adequate to the public.
At this point I do bow to you dear viewers, all you nice and warm summer, so force of Kip Mazuy be with you.


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